Treasure Hunting Life Facebook: So we are going to highlight some modern day "Treasure Hunters" on our blog and let them tell the story of some outstanding treasure finds. We are going to show folks some real history with our photos and videos.

Old Virginia Blog : Outstanding blog covering a wide range of subjects. A must read link for any serious relic hunter. Richard G. Williams, Jr. is a Southern writer, autodidact, relic hunter, researcher, and raconteur who specializes in Virginia history and the War Between the States. A former contributor to the Washington Times' Civil War column (now defunct), he has also written for Homeschooling Today Magazine, Confederate Veteran, Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine and regularly contributes articles about the Civil War and Virginia history to various publications and websites.

Detecting.US; The Metal Detecting Journal of Scott Clark: I have been metal detecting since I was 16, using a Bounty Hunter machine that had just enough of a discriminator to make it fun to an impatient teenager. I live in Lexington, KY, a very historic area surrounded by “off-limits” greenspace.  So much of my hunting is done in surrounding communities.

Cooperation with Archaeologists

I now have a goal of finding ways that detecting hobbyists can cooperate with professional archaeologists in historic preservation.   But this does not mean relegating the experienced detectorist to the role of “site technician.”  Those of us in the hobby a long time have often acquired superior research, site survey and recovery skills to professionals.  If you’re a professional in the central KY area, I’d be very happy to talk with you about this.

Hollow Grounds Restorations : Roland Frodigh is a stand-up guy and his talent is unmatched. Roland gave a talk at a club meeting a few months ago, he brought many relics he had worked on and the results were amazing. The overarching purpose of this blog is to share through digital media, the finding, identifying, and restoring of lost history. 

William Leigh Civil War Buttons:  Great site to buy buttons as well as research your own. All buttons and memorabilia are guaranteed as to originality and description. If you are not satisfied with the item, it may be returned for a full refund, less shipping, as long as it is returned in the same condition as sent and posted within a five day inspection period. Our business is founded on the fundamental principle that our customers are our most important resource. Our customers can buy with confidence and be assured that the items they order are authentic and accurately represented.

The Relic Roundup: Outstanding live show every Monday night. For Diggers and Collector's of America's Heritage. An hour long program every Monday Night at 9:00 PM eastern standard time. Join your hosts Butch Holcombe and Jeff Lubbert as they explore our Nations Past. Learn more about Metal Detecting, Treasure hunting in all it's forms, and the preservation of history. Learn from our callers, and expert show guest's This is a call in show (678-439-1863) and you are encouraged to participate.

Civil War Trust: The Civil War Trust preserves land utilizing several well established conservation strategies. Ultimately, these efforts are guided by our mission to preserve significant battlefield land in perpetuity. For those interested in preserving a property we invite you to contact our real estate department directly.

MissLou Relic Krewe: Louisiana and Mississippi relic hunters. Sharing hunt finds and making plans for future hunts with new and old friends

Saving History One Piece at a Time: Hello, everyone! My name is Terry Barnhart, AKA Goes4ever on all of the Metal Detecting online forums. I am from Ohio and have a real passion for "Saving History One Piece At A Time" Or some might say I am addicted to metal detecting. I absolutely love this hobby, and enjoy doing whatever I can to help others out.

Metal Detecting WELCOME to the unique website created by Sergei Upstateny (Sergei from Upstate New York) - an experienced international treasure hunter who is truly addicted to the Hobby of Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting!

Whether you are new to the hobby of metal detecting or an experienced metaldetectorist, you might enjoy reading my informative In-Depth Articles on search and recovery techniques, treasure hunting methods, some popular metal detectors and customized search programs for them, and exclusive true stories on treasure hunting in different parts of the world.

Just Go Detecting: Pretty cool site here with a Forum, Galley and Chat. They sponsor Invitation only hunts.

Detecting 365: An Arsenal of Metal Detecting Knowledge

Shipwreck School: The idea for this venture was born out of a desire to offer a place where one could go to learn about shipwrecks, including exploration methodology, hands-on training, historical significance, current political climate surrounding shipwreck exploration, and the list goes on. Furthermore, the vision for the school has always been to be a place open and of interest to both scuba divers and non-divers alike. Finally, an overarching goal of the school is to promote and foster private exploration of shipwrecks. To date, it seems there is no other institution in the world specializing in shipwreck education.

Detecting Doodads: Detecting Doodads was created as an outlet to make available to you some of the unique accessories I have created for myself.  I have been afflicted with this metal detecting lifestyle for many years. My Engineering work keeps me flush in fresh batteries. Mixing my hobby and my profession allows me to come up with simple products that make metal detecting a little easier and more enjoyable.
Utilizing the latest in 3D printing technology and design software, allows me to very quickly go from concept to finished part. Take a look at our detector shaft camera mounts, and goPro accessories which are all printed per order in a wide variety of color choices.

 Southeastern Pennsylvania Historical Recovery Group: Check this club out. Woody Mc Kay is a great guy. What is metal detecting? Most everyone has seen those crazy people on the beaches, in the parks, and in schoolyards wearing the headphones (that every once in a while make a funny beeping sound) and waving a funny looking device back and forth just above the surface of the ground. Yes, that is metal detecting. You probably wondered if they ever find anything of value, or do they mostly find junk, such as rusty nails and those infamous soda can pull tabs. If you ever try the hobby of metal detecting you will find out that, in fact, these treasure hunters, of sorts, do find items of value.

Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors: Looking to buy a metal detector...Give Ed Huffman a shot. My name is Ed Huffman and I started Treasure Mountain Detectors because of my love for treasure hunting. I just don't sell metal detectors - I am an avid treasure hunter myself and am very involved in the treasure hunting community! I am located in Maryville, Tennessee but treasure hunt all over the world. My son and wife whom I love with all my heart are also treasure hunters who love to hunt with me every chance they get.

On my website you will find quality bundles with most metal detectors. I make a point not to bundle junk items that you will not use like some of the larger companies do just to make it look like your getting a great deal. Treasure Mountain Detectors will always give you the best deal with free quality products. Remember to always call, message or email me for the best possible pricing and check with me for special bundles and deals. I will try to match any price and most of the time can beat any price out there! Here is the link to the store. Carl Fismer lives the life of an adventurer. The type of life that they make books, movies and video games about.  Carl Fismer, affectionately dubbed "Fizz", is a treasure hunter that has dived on some of the world's most famous shipwrecks.  He is often described as a real life underwater Indiana Jones.  Carl is an active treasure hunter who travels the world looking for treasure and artifacts.  He has worked with Mel Fisher on the world famous treasure ship, the Atocha.  Carl Fismer is often called in as an expert on shipwrecks and treasures of the Spanish Main when producers and writers want to add realism to their productions.

MissLou Relic Krewe: Great site here make sure you take a look... Through this hobby, I've been able to assemble this group of loyal and trustworthy friends, creating what you see as the Miss Lou Relic Krewe! There are so many more Relic Hunters I've had the chance to hunt with and many more that I've yet to meet! I hope to extend my friendship and love of relic hunting with you and the rest of the detecting world! 

Old School Works, LLC: We are on a quest for American heritage, craftsmanship, adventure and tradition—concepts that were pursued and revered by our grandfathers and concepts that will make us better men. Join us. Mission: Exploring and celebrating old school American values, heritage, craftsmanship and tradition from a gentleman's perspective. Really cool site, with some great buys. Family run business that has been around 30 years. Give these guys a shot...

CWPPO:  The Civil War Preservation Project of Ohio (CWPPO) was founded by Sam Waters with the goal of locating evidence of the battles fought and areas traveled through during the American Civil War between General John Hunt Morgan’s Confederate cavalry troops and elements of Union Army and Ohio militia troops.

Treasure Classifieds: Check out this site before you buy anything related to treasure hunting. The largest classifieds for buying, selling & trading used metal detectors and accessories.