The folks you meet...

in this life style of treasure hunting are amazing. A lot of the friendships I have made have been through social media. Some of the ones close by (Virginia) I have met them and metal detected with them. We have formed a close relationship. Most, I will more than likely never meet in person. One such person is Danny (aka) "Mr. Kabinay" on You tube.

Danny is a very well round detectorist and has some amazing videos on his channel, not mention some outstanding finds. Danny hails from Holland by the way. I saw a video one day where he was making small silver medal detectors. Danny makes them out of silver finds that he has made over the years. I messaged him and asked if he could make me a CTX-3030. Danny said he could and boy did he...

Danny sends the miniature detector to you in a custom crate and really does it up with small brass nails and writing on the sides. You can tell he has put his heart into this without evening seeing whats inside.

Opening the box, I saw a very small silver CTX... The coil is made from a 1944 Rosie and the detail on the rest of the machine was perfect. It now sits in one of my relic display cabinets among some of my best finds.


Danny did a great job with this and his craftsmanship really shows. I know at the time I asked him to do mine he had several other request ahead of mine. Look him up on You tube, give him a sub and if you like, see if he is still making these. It is well worth the small fee he charges. I may never meet Danny in person, but consider him a friend. Thanks again Danny for the silver miniature CTX

Good luck and HH