A simple friend request...

on Facebook. I accepted. Followed some of this new friend's uploads, and saw that this young boy had received a metal detector as a gift. Then I got a message from his mother asking for some tips on areas to find things. We all know we want to find stuff, Right? I mentioned churches, parks, and frequently visited places as rest stops and even houses, in their area. I said " Look for houses with two chimneys, one on each side. They will be your old ones." I saw pictures of him at the beach finding cool things and such. His name is Bradey. He is from my home state of Delaware.

Then I noticed that he had to go to AI Dupont Childrens Hospital, in Wilmington Delaware. Anyone from this area knows that when children go there, there is something going on beyond the normal hospital visit. I watched as his mother uploaded progress that Bradey was achieving. Then I noticed that through the Facebook uploads he was home, but really sore and wore out.

I felt such a tug in my spirit, and tears would go down my face as I read all that was going on with this young boy. I reached out to his mother through Facebook. I said, " I am compelled to visit with your son Bradey." I have a gift for him, " It would go nicely with his detector." Upon arrival, I was met at the door by his mother. We went in and there he was, resting on the couch watching some show. His mother said, " There is a guest here to see you." She asked, " Do you know who he is?" He quickly rose up and said " Yes, that is Delaware-Digger", My heart sank, and I hardly could control my emotions. I said to him, " Bradey, I have a little something for you man."

" This here is a detectorist's friend." " It will help to locate the target, as not to damage it when retrieving such item from the earth." He was so excited, he said, " Mom do we have any batteries?, You see...I had forgotten to bring some. Not the first time for that I can admit. He played with that pin-pointer for awhile. Then he looked towards me and said, " Hey you want to see my toy car collection, and my trains? I said, " Heck-yeah"... " Come-on." And off we went.

You see, Bradey has a type of Sclerosis. He had metal pins inserted in his spinal column to straighten it out. Just recently a Doctor had invented a type of Magnetized version. This is the reason for the hospital stay. Instead of Bradey going into the hospital every six months to have an invasive surgery to take out the old ones, and put in longer ones, he would be able to go and a machine would make the rods longer by use of magnetics... I am very humbled by my experience in meeting this up and coming seven year old with such passion for our hobby. I cannot wait until he is able to go on a hunt with me.

Delaware- Digger

* After seeing Terry's (DD) post on Facebook and moved myself by the story of this young fellow, I asked him to write an article for us. Our hobby has some of the best folks you will ever meet. Terry is one of them!