CTX Owners, must have modification...

If you own a Minelab CTX 30/30 you need to check out this modification by Frogmaster Riviera. Frogmaster has had his CTX to -40 feet/-12 meters. Check out the video showing just that here.

CTX owners have heard the stories of the battery bank leaking and destroying the machine. My CTX has never leaked but I have not taken it much deeper than a few feet below the surface. It appears the standard O-rings are the issue and this simple mod can fix that. I still have some warranty on my machine but when that is up, I will be doing this mod. (Already ordered the O-rings) Stay tuned for the video on how this is done, should be out by weeks end. Until then read this thread at TreasureNet on the mod. Give Frogmaster Riviera a sub on Youtube, like and comment.

Good luck and HH