Sprinter Van Conversion: Wireless backup camera...

Backing this van up is pretty easy, except for the last five or six feet before hitting an object. You lose the object your trying to back up to somewhere in the 5-6 feet range. The answer is a backup camera.

I bought a 4ucam wireless model. I will use my cell phone as a monitor. You can use any device that can download the app though.

First thing you do is take out the original 3rd brake light. There is one connection to remove. Real simple.

You will want to clean the area pretty good, so that the new gasket will be water tight. This took a little bit of work. I used a hard plastic edge and some general cleaner to get it clean. 

Taking the actual LED light fixture out of the shell (what you see from the outside) was a pain. I ended up using two flat pieces of thin metal to keep the tabs from closing back on to themselves. Once I did that, taking the fixture out was easy. 

Put the LED fixture into the new shell, fit new gasket onto shell, feed the wires for powering camera to desired location, connect the power for the light (First photo above). Secure the light back into the opening and fasten with same screws that came out. This model has a 2.4 Mhz wireless transmitter that sends a signal to the monitor/cell phone. Transmitter requires power as well. I powered both camera and transmitter to my solar system.

Update: Screenshot of my backup camera