Makro Pin Pointer...field test

Now that I have a month or so using this pin pointer, I feel I can give it an honest review. For a run down on all the technical information for the Makro, see my initial review here

Diving right into it...

Pros: Construction and engineering are top notch and I predict it will hold up for all the serious metal detectorist out there. I'm very hard on my pin pointers and I feel this unit will hold up. Using this pin pointer for over a month or (7) hunts, ranging from a few hours to all day, I changed the battery once (last hunt) due to battery running down. It still worked but noticed a loss in distance to target. Audio signal is loud enough to hear with your head phones on. Vibrating mode is strong enough to use verses the audio mode. I prefer the vibrating mode.

Cons: Really the only big con to this unit is getting it to turn off. You press and hold the GREEN button until you hear the audible beeping. The unit is then off. To me, the unit takes to longer to turn off as several times I put the unit it back in the holster and it was still on. Other pin pointers you just push the off button and release . While hunting in a target rich environment, an efficient recovery is needed. Holding the off button until it beeps is not efficient. Lastly, there is no place to tie a lanyard. Using a lanyard in and around water is a must. Check out Detecting Dodads for a nice after market lanyard for this unit. 

Other observations...The buttons are in the wrong place...located in the battery screw top end, it was a bit awkward at first. I did get use to it the first day so this is not really a con. The GREEN button turns it on as well as off. The RED button changes the modes and does not turn the unit off. I knew this but still seemed to get caught up in the old GREEN MEANS GO and RED MEANS STOP mental quagmire for a few outings. The speaker is located in this area as well and you can muffle it while using the pin pointer.

I did not get a chance to use this unit while hunting in the water because I'm not getting in the water in January / February in Virginia. I did submerge the unit in my kitchen sink for over an hour with no problems. I do have several water hunts planned for early spring and will update this post after those hunts.

Final thoughts: This unit is a nice pin pointer no question. It is a step above the Garrett (non waterproof) and the Minelab in my opinion. It will take a few outings to get use to the location of the buttons and I would like to see a quicker off cycle.  


Here is a Mak  ro with a lanyard from

Here is a Makro with a lanyard from

Makro Pin Pointer...a review (initial)

Makro Pointer includes: Carrying pouch, Hard Shell case, Hard Shell case with scraping blade, Finds bag, Belt Holster, 9V Battery, Instruction Manual, 2 year warranty

        Will see how extreme this pin pointer really is...

        Will see how extreme this pin pointer really is...

Technical Specifications: Working frequency is 11.6, Alerts are both Audio and Vibration and or both at the same time, 4 levels of sensitivity (easily adjustable), Coil interferance sheilding, Size 9.4"x1.9"x1.9". (24x4.8x4.8cm) Including case, Detection Tip 3.7" (9.3cm), Weight 8.3 oz (235 grams) including case and shell, Working temp -4F/+122F (-20C/+50C), Battery 9V, Battery life up to 30 hours, IP Rating: IP67- Dust resistant and waterproof up to 3.28 feet (1 meter)

My first impressions opening the box was quality and more quality...You know that feeling you get when opening a Minelab box...(Sorry couldn't resist that!) All kidding aside, quality does jump out at you during the un-boxing. The storage case is outstanding with pockets for all the accessories. The hard shell cases are a great idea as the wear area now has extra protection. The belt Holster fits the pointer like it should. The pointer itself appears to be engineered to do the job. Quality seams in the mold and what appears to be a compression screw of some sorts that my guess is key in the waterproofing. The speaker is on the end of the pointer where it should be.

There are a few things that look as if they may cause an issue after some usage. I say this because I personally have gone through a few pin pointers. Garrett (several), Minelab and Whites. Notches that hold hard shells in place appear like they will wear easily. No place to attach a lanyard, a must when water hunting. I prefer the AA batteries over the 9 volt. Attaching the pouch to your belt is done via a metal clip (open ended). Clip is stout but could wear resulting in the pointer coming off the belt. 

I bought this pointer in hopes that it will be better than all other pin pointers I have used in the past. Also, when Terry was down from Delaware, he bought one. I like what I saw. It seems technology and engineering has not kept pace with the pin pointers as it has with detectors. I'm currently using the Whites TDX. This unit just falls short as there is a dead spot on the wand of about an inch in length. The dead spot will have you chasing small targets around the search area. The Minelab I have started off great but just did not hold up. Can't blame Minelab 100% as I did my normal waterproofing to the unit and somehow water got inside and the unit just died. I have waterproofed many Garretts with no problem. To date the Garrett pin pointer is the best on the market in my opinion. 

I will put this unit through the paces and see how well it holds up to actual field use. Stay tuned for the next article on the Makro Pin Pointer, once I have had some field time with it.

Good luck and HH...


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DirtfishinAmerica...The Movie

Three dudes from Idaho set out on the treasure hunting expedition of a lifetime. Armed with metal detectors they travel to New England to meet up with some of the worlds best treasure hunters. They find colonial coins, artifacts and relics that tell the story of the birth of our nation. They also find the true treasure is in the adventure. 

The above description and the fact that I follow these guys on YouTube got my curiosity the other day and I decided to pay the $8.94 to download the movie.

Well worth the $8.94 and I really enjoyed the entire movie. At just under two hours, (if I remember correctly) action packed with some really impressive finds. The quality of the filming was awesome. If you metal detect or do any other form of treasure hunting, you need this movie in your pouch.  Give these guys your support and purchase the movie, you'll be glad you did.

Good luck and HH