Scuba Diving Florida Springs Dec 2016

Christmas Day I headed south about mid-day en route to Blue Grotto. The plan was to meet Clyde the next evening. A buddy of mine that lives in Florida was going to join us for a day of diving as well. Our plan was to dive as many springs as possible, camp out, relax and have a good time. This was also the maiden voyage of my van, even though it was not completely converted. By the way, it still isn't complete...a lot of work converting one of these things!

We had a blast and dove some really incredible sites. Base Camp was Blue Grotto, I had dove there in January and knew it was a good central location to the other sites. Plus the rates are good and the whole place is clean and well ran. If you have not been to Blue Grotto your missing out. Take a look at the videos listed below. Please subscribe to my channel, hit the Like Button and leave your comments. Thanks for watching...

CTX Owners, must have modification...

If you own a Minelab CTX 30/30 you need to check out this modification by Frogmaster Riviera. Frogmaster has had his CTX to -40 feet/-12 meters. Check out the video showing just that here.

CTX owners have heard the stories of the battery bank leaking and destroying the machine. My CTX has never leaked but I have not taken it much deeper than a few feet below the surface. It appears the standard O-rings are the issue and this simple mod can fix that. I still have some warranty on my machine but when that is up, I will be doing this mod. (Already ordered the O-rings) Stay tuned for the video on how this is done, should be out by weeks end. Until then read this thread at TreasureNet on the mod. Give Frogmaster Riviera a sub on Youtube, like and comment.

Good luck and HH