Quick weekend get away Va. Beach, Virginia...

With some weather coming our way, I decided to pack a bag and my metal detecting gear and head to Virginia Beach. I headed out Friday after work and slowly made my way East. I stopped just East of the Hampton Bridge Tunnel to let the traffic die down a bit. There is a boat landing there were you can pull right up to the water and take it all in.

Arriving at the beach a secured some chow. While I ate my dinner I watched as two tow truck drivers cruised the parking lots looking for vehicles to tow. I walked over and asked if there were any 24 hour parking lots...They were very helpful and gave me a few suggestions. I wanted to be close to the beach as my plan was to do some metal detecting that evening. Free on street parking is unheard of around the beach and the cost for a campsite near the beach was anywhere from $40 to $70 per night. I parked in a parking lot for $20 just off the beach.

Metal detecting for just a few hours, I managed to find about $8 in clad, not the gold ring with diamonds hanging off it I had wished for. Fun anyway!! Hit the rack and watched a Denzel Washington movie "Fences." Great movie! Rain came down pretty hard that night.

Got up the next morning, rustled up some breakfast and coffee from the local fast food joint. Parked the van right off the beach and watched sun rise. Surfers paddling out near the pier looking for the best waves. Grabbed my Minelab CTX 3030 and hit the beach again. Few hours later, no ring but another pocket full off clad.

I did work on a list of things "To Do" on the van next. Topping off that list is finishing the sliding door. Need to get finished panels on and window installed.

Called my daughter and granddaughter who weren't far from my current location. Made a plan to meet at a local state park for some exploring. Turns out First Landing State Park is a really cool park. Trails, beaches, boat ramp are just some of the reasons to stop and explore. The park is a favorite of my daughter and granddaughter, turns out they go there often.

After collecting clams, snails and running from little small crabs, we were hungry and headed to a local taco shop. This was my second time eating at Pelon. Great tacos and good service. Give them a go, you'll be glad you did! Video here

Sometimes the "Art of doing nothing.." must be worked on. Here I am working it hard!

After lunch, they headed to NC and I head to the Chesapeake Bay to do a little more detecting. Got another hour or so in before the rain came in hard. Packed my gear up and decided to make a run for the house. Great weekend!


CTX Owners, must have modification...

If you own a Minelab CTX 30/30 you need to check out this modification by Frogmaster Riviera. Frogmaster has had his CTX to -40 feet/-12 meters. Check out the video showing just that here.

CTX owners have heard the stories of the battery bank leaking and destroying the machine. My CTX has never leaked but I have not taken it much deeper than a few feet below the surface. It appears the standard O-rings are the issue and this simple mod can fix that. I still have some warranty on my machine but when that is up, I will be doing this mod. (Already ordered the O-rings) Stay tuned for the video on how this is done, should be out by weeks end. Until then read this thread at TreasureNet on the mod. Give Frogmaster Riviera a sub on Youtube, like and comment.

Good luck and HH


DirtfishinAmerica...The Movie

Three dudes from Idaho set out on the treasure hunting expedition of a lifetime. Armed with metal detectors they travel to New England to meet up with some of the worlds best treasure hunters. They find colonial coins, artifacts and relics that tell the story of the birth of our nation. They also find the true treasure is in the adventure. 

The above description and the fact that I follow these guys on YouTube got my curiosity the other day and I decided to pay the $8.94 to download the movie.

Well worth the $8.94 and I really enjoyed the entire movie. At just under two hours, (if I remember correctly) action packed with some really impressive finds. The quality of the filming was awesome. If you metal detect or do any other form of treasure hunting, you need this movie in your pouch.  Give these guys your support and purchase the movie, you'll be glad you did.

Good luck and HH


Richmond Gray's 1844


Who were the Richmond Grays and what is the history behind them? These were questions that popped in my mind after I realized I had dug one of their shoulder plates. I say "realized" because at first I thought it was "junk" as you can see in the video. (here) * Took video down as people have already gone looking for the spot * It wasn't till I got home and ran some water over the relic, did I realize it was something special. Metal detecting a new permission for the first time and having just found a 1943 Washington quarter right on the surface my hopes were high with the sound of another good target. The plate came out of the ground bent over onto itself. It just looked like junk being only a few inches deep. After bending the plate back out close to its original shape I could tell something was there...still not sure I put it in my finds pouch and entered the GPS location into my CTX. 

Starting the research process was initially a quick Google search and then a call to Ran Hundley owner of Sgt. Riker's in Ashland, VA. Ran stated he had never dug one and knew they were rare to dig and congratulated me on the find. He asked me to bring it by the store and I told him I would. I called some of my closest metal detecting friends and told them all about finding it...but really couldn't tell them much about the history behind the relic. I could feel this "I've got to know more" mindset starting to build...


This is why I Metal Detect

          Diving into the Internet, searching for any information about the Richmond Grays, I found the most amazing history...that I never knew about. The 1844 date on the plate represents the date the Grays formed. To be exact January 29, 1844, a little over 170 years ago. In June of 1861, the Richmond Grays along with other local militia units mustered into Confederate service. This formed the 1st Virginia Infantry or more famously known as the "Williams Rifles." The 1st Virginia Infantry served with distinction throughout the war. James Kemper, Governor of Virginia stated "You know I was identified with the First through many bloody vicissitudes. Jollier men in camp, braver soldiers in battle, were not found in the Army of North
         The mentioning of the name John Wilkes Booth even today stirs up uncomfortable feeling for many. During my research I learned that John Wilkes Booth was in fact a member of the Richmond Grays. John Brown's invasion of Virginia in 1859, his capture and execution are all linked to the Richmond Grays.

Please read the book "Has He Been Hiding in Plain Sight? John Wilkes Booth and The Richmond Grays" by Angela Smythe. Its only 41 pages and online for free. I have really enjoyed reading it and I would think anyone who is interested in Civil War history would enjoy it.  Thanks for reading my short account, as I could write many pages on this subject. Please comment on this article and share what you may know about the Richmond Grays...

Good luck and HH


Websites used in gathering information: