Giving back, my idea of what to do with lost history once it's found...

When people find out that I like to metal detect, by far the most common question is "What's the best thing you've ever found?" The second question is "What do you do with the stuff you find?" I tell them I give a lot of it away...

I have found so many of the same objects its not funny. I have thousands of Civil War bullets of various types. Buttons and more buttons. Civil War Artillery pieces coming out of my ears. I do keep some stuff but you can only have so much. I did have a store on this site at one time but never sold anything. I wasn't sure how I felt about selling it either...

I offer the gracious land owners any and all finds that let me search their property, some are not interested enough to want the artifacts, most see how excited I am and ask that I keep them. I have put together shadow boxes of relics and giving them to the land owners many times. 

My favorite thing to do with the artifacts I find is to give them to young people in an effort to get them excited about our history. Late last year, I sent off a package to a school teacher in Florida. We are friends on Facebook via a few artifact FB pages. She sent back some photos of the kids with the relics and it looked like...well I think the photos speak for themselves. 

I think as metal detectorist, treasure hunters, amatuer archaeologist or what every we call our selves, finding lost history is only part of it, we need to share what was lost and now is found. For me, kids being able to actually touch an artifact related to what they are studying is priceless.

JC Johnson


DirtfishinAmerica...The Movie

Three dudes from Idaho set out on the treasure hunting expedition of a lifetime. Armed with metal detectors they travel to New England to meet up with some of the worlds best treasure hunters. They find colonial coins, artifacts and relics that tell the story of the birth of our nation. They also find the true treasure is in the adventure. 

The above description and the fact that I follow these guys on YouTube got my curiosity the other day and I decided to pay the $8.94 to download the movie.

Well worth the $8.94 and I really enjoyed the entire movie. At just under two hours, (if I remember correctly) action packed with some really impressive finds. The quality of the filming was awesome. If you metal detect or do any other form of treasure hunting, you need this movie in your pouch.  Give these guys your support and purchase the movie, you'll be glad you did.

Good luck and HH