Sprinter Van Conversion: Electrical system, AC current...

I'll be the first one to admit it, I over did this electrical system... I just was trying to design for simplicity and ended up with way to much wire ran. It's not the end of the world, I have a few extra wires ran that will probably never be used, their hidden so no harm.

As with the DC power system, I didn't want any part of the electrical system to be connected with factory electrical. The system is 30 amps, with a 100 amp panel box, this gives me the ability to have six circuits. One circuit is a 20 amp receptacle for the kitchen. I have one 20 amp circuit for garage area receptacles and one 15 amp for the entertainment system. There is also a 15 circuit in the lounge area for USB's and receptacles.

I grounded the system to the metal frame to the left of the panel box. The system has worked perfectly so far.

30 amp plug on driver's rear