Quick weekend get away Va. Beach, Virginia...

With some weather coming our way, I decided to pack a bag and my metal detecting gear and head to Virginia Beach. I headed out Friday after work and slowly made my way East. I stopped just East of the Hampton Bridge Tunnel to let the traffic die down a bit. There is a boat landing there were you can pull right up to the water and take it all in.

Arriving at the beach a secured some chow. While I ate my dinner I watched as two tow truck drivers cruised the parking lots looking for vehicles to tow. I walked over and asked if there were any 24 hour parking lots...They were very helpful and gave me a few suggestions. I wanted to be close to the beach as my plan was to do some metal detecting that evening. Free on street parking is unheard of around the beach and the cost for a campsite near the beach was anywhere from $40 to $70 per night. I parked in a parking lot for $20 just off the beach.

Metal detecting for just a few hours, I managed to find about $8 in clad, not the gold ring with diamonds hanging off it I had wished for. Fun anyway!! Hit the rack and watched a Denzel Washington movie "Fences." Great movie! Rain came down pretty hard that night.

Got up the next morning, rustled up some breakfast and coffee from the local fast food joint. Parked the van right off the beach and watched sun rise. Surfers paddling out near the pier looking for the best waves. Grabbed my Minelab CTX 3030 and hit the beach again. Few hours later, no ring but another pocket full off clad.

I did work on a list of things "To Do" on the van next. Topping off that list is finishing the sliding door. Need to get finished panels on and window installed.

Called my daughter and granddaughter who weren't far from my current location. Made a plan to meet at a local state park for some exploring. Turns out First Landing State Park is a really cool park. Trails, beaches, boat ramp are just some of the reasons to stop and explore. The park is a favorite of my daughter and granddaughter, turns out they go there often.

After collecting clams, snails and running from little small crabs, we were hungry and headed to a local taco shop. This was my second time eating at Pelon. Great tacos and good service. Give them a go, you'll be glad you did! Video here

Sometimes the "Art of doing nothing.." must be worked on. Here I am working it hard!

After lunch, they headed to NC and I head to the Chesapeake Bay to do a little more detecting. Got another hour or so in before the rain came in hard. Packed my gear up and decided to make a run for the house. Great weekend!


Civil War Preservation Project of Ohio (CWPPO)

On October 7th-9th, 2016 the CWPPO will be holding an event in Morgan County, Ohio to help recover relics related to Civil War activities in that area. If you would like to participate in this event or order a T-shirt and window sticker to support us, please register by filling out the form below.

This event is partially funded by the registration fees collected by the CWPPO from people who want to help recover relics. You must be registered to be permitted on the property where the relic recovery effort will take place.

I'll be attending this year and maybe doing some diving on the Muskingum River. Full report to come...

Full website here


Life long goal achieved...

Last weekend of April 2015 Lake Phoenix, cold...

After years of putting it on the back burner, I finally did the necessary training to become a scuba diver. I have been after my good friend Robbie to do the training with me, we both signed up and started the course in February.

First part was a Saturday and Sunday, were we had class the first part of the day and then a pool section the second half of the day.  Next up was the confined Open Water dives. For this we went to Rawlings, VA. Lake Phoenix is an old quarry that has been turned into a Scuba Park. With visibility at 40+ feet and depths 60+ feet. This place is really cool...sunken boats, a helicopter, a plane and many other sunken objects to explore. Check out Lake Phoenix here.

Here are a few guys that treasure hunt in the water. DetectorComparisons, Frogmaster Rivieragijsjan1971, and Jiri Miketa. Gives these guys a look and subscribe to them. Obviously my reason for learning to dive is to find more treasure. Look for some articles, videos and photos of some up coming hunts while diving.

Good luck and HH...


Hoard of Roman and Greek coins found in the US...

From: Delmarvanow website

"It is a mystical union, when artifacts two centuries old come alive again in the hands of a boy. In the ground, some of the highly worn copper coins of old may be almost worthless, but in his hands they become a glowing treasure, a beacon of life-changing enlightenment. Across the ages, these bits of history have the power to direct and influence one young man's life and career."

Using a metal detector, Bobby Grangier, 10, found a hoard of Roman and Greek coins, dating to 500 AD, at a shoreline site on the Chesapeake Bay in Accomack County.  (Photo: Staff photo by Brice Stump)

Using a metal detector, Bobby Grangier, 10, found a hoard of Roman and Greek coins, dating to 500 AD, at a shoreline site on the Chesapeake Bay in Accomack County.(Photo: Staff photo by Brice Stump)

Read full article here: http://www.delmarvanow.com/story/news/local/delaware/2015/01/10/boy-finds-cache-greek-roman-coins/21562515/